Richard Baumer Scenic Photography
Banff National Park

People ask me why I do this - the money isn't that good - and I describe a good day:

I've done some homework and I arrive in the pre dawn hours at a trail that should lead to a secluded lake. A short distance in I meet a deer. We stare at each other, each wondering what the day will bring, and then it bounds away, not out of fear so much as caution. The lake is there. I arrive a few minutes before dawn. The water is mirror smooth. There is a cool mist. The light of the sunrise is reflected in the lake and it is as though I have stumbled upon God as He prepares to meet the day - intimate and spectacular in a way that I cannot describe. Then the sun is up, the moment is passed and the lake is filled with light. As I photograph the lake, I know that the flowers in the woods behind me are beginning to open up.